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I wanna genderflip Kings. I wanna try girl!Jack. With or without girl!David...I'll see if I'm in the mood to write lesbians.

Wouldn't girl!Jack just be Michelle since they're twins? No, because Michelle is not only a wildly different personality, she's also totally different from the way she is in the original text. Let's genderflip them both and see what happens- although you might be able to argue they already were in contrast to their Biblical versions. After all, Michelle is a much softer, kinder, more supportive version of Michal, while Jack is angry and unhappy and snarky and suffers an unfair amount of retribution for wanting the people he loves to have at least a token respect for his feelings and opinions.

It makes everything that happens to Jack on the show three times more disturbing, really, if he's genderflipped. OMG. Is thinking that sexist, though? Or am I right on the money that it'd all be even harder to watch?

I made her some outfits

This would be her song


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