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So, I finally did that Rule 63 Kings fic I was talking about doing.

Pairings: David/Jack, Jack/Lucinda, Jack/Andrew, David/Michelle
Rated: R (at least).
Warnings: rape (graphic and non), forced pregnancy, forced marriage, a tiny bit of kink, incest, violence, emotional abuse and humiliation, misogynistic characters.
Summary: A "Jack's a girl and a lesbian" AU. Jaqui Benjamin has been locked in a bedroom with her fiancee Luke Wolfson, forced to produce an heir, as punishment for attempting to stage a coup for the throne of Gilboa. Can her friend save her? If so, what happens next?
Notes: My attempt to explore gender roles and certain Unfortunate Implications on the show. It's taking place post series finale (The New King pt2) with frequent flashbacks to both the last 12 episodes and events that happen before the pilot. It's largely from Jack's point of view, with occasional forays into David's. You might need to be familiar with the show and/or the Biblical text it's based on, possibly both.

It started out with my attempting to write a biblical David story with a one month deadline, needing inspiration, and going to Hulu to watch "Kings". And then I heard a song at Target that inspired me to want to make a Kings fanvid.

So I finally just gave in and bought the entire series on DVD, then ripped them, and now everything's working out fine. I don't know why I didn't do that in the first place.

But now I'm also doing this basically, I've gone down a Kings rabbit hole and I don't know where I am anymore or if I'll ever get out. Even though I don't even know if anyone else cares about this show anymore.


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