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I'm still totally going to brainstorm this Reign fic, just *mostly* not in public Tumblr posts. I can't not make long, complicated notes, because I am faced with quite a lot of worldbuilding and research. And I *am* going to research this, for once I don't want anyone to have complaints (and the fic will include copious links and references and explanations of where I chose to diverge).


"But who knows what she spoke to the darkness, alone, in the bitter watches of the night, when all her life seemed shrinking, and the walls of her bower closing in about her

anyway, the timeline and Knox/James )
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brainstorming the Reign Rule 63 fic )

oh thank god

Isobel it is (lol it's another form of Elizabeth...)
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Reign Rule 63 Revised from my previous attempt

Heavily revised )
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Reign AU #4 (because this one got long and cuts don't work for me on Tumblr anymore)

Renaissance Men )
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Ezra was in an episode of SVU in 1999. So, he would have been 8/9. But I'm not sure which episode it was because IMDB doesn'tsay so I fell down a L&O Bingewatch Hole trying to find it.

I'm finishing Oh Love this weekend, I hope.

I had to "break up" with my therapist because the whole clinic is terrible. They're much more concerned with what they want than with what I need, and I don't trust them.
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lies here in bed with bruised ribs, wondering if finishing the fic obviously nobody wants, for a pairing which is dying already, is worth it or if it'd be better to concentrate on stories people are much more into. "Walk Through Hell" hasn't been updated in awhile, after all.I have a lot of stucky plot bunnies I haven't gotten around to.
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I'm sorry for the things I say when I have had a fever for three days.

i'm not over Sebastian Stan fic. It's just that I haven't done any in a while and I feel like i'm just repeating myself a lot. Why did nothing I was so excited to do ever manifest?

I also take back what I said about there not being any good Colin/Ezra. Ao3 dropped two in my lap on Christmas. In English!

Also, Tumblr has a way of making you feel like you should awkwardly apologize for being certain things and accidentally admitting that
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So I've got...four in progress series to finish

1)present day continuation of girl!Steve/616 Bucky D/s World Au
2) continuation of the fem!Bucky verse (look, I didn't say I'd never do another one, just that I wasn't doing any more set during the war)
3) The end of The Beach House (which is for some reason giving me trouble)
4) A little more Walk Through Hell

And I'd like to write the "Bucky crashes his motorcycle"fic. But at the rate I'm going, that might have to wait until after November. It depends on my mmmoood.

RIght now though, I would like to go back to bed.
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I only recently went looking for fic, and I don't really hang out with people in the fandom so I don't think I could say I'm part of it but...

The Reign fandom is so weird to me. I don't think I've ever been in an online fandom where )
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Ever feel like you missed a creativity window?
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When it starts up again in September, I'm going to start attending my local public writer's group. Things have happened lately that caused me to realize how important (possibly vital and urgent) it is for me to start having more of an adult, professional attitude. The timing and dates of the group and the fact that it's free of charge leave me no excuse

And also widen my social circle and make age appropriate friends (or at least pleasant acquaintances) off the internet and outside of fandom.

I did my first product pitch the other day. And while I am totally willing to incorporate their feedback (they didn't say no, they had Notes) there's no promise that if accepted by the shop, it will change my financial future.
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So I'm doing these. Um, not every episode of the entire series, because it ran for 10 years, usually with a full season's order of 22-30 episodes. Many of those episodes are NOT worth talking about and get increasingly less interesting to me. Nor do people have to comment, I'm just trying to keep my brain moving on days when I should be writing better things but don't feel like it.

I've also been taking screenshots of some of their more insane outfits.


Pilot pt 1 )
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And also, now I have to figure out what Est!Seb's reaction is going to be to #GiveCapaBoyfriend, don't I?
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Yeah, I was definitely wrong. There's only a few fics for the original 90210 on Ao3 and while many pairings are represented, there's no one dominant pairing at all (and very little slash). Huh. I must have seen the fics I was talking about on some other site, like

And like a lot of sort of dead fandoms, there aren't really any of my favorite thing- crazy AUs.
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Binge rewatching 90210 for some reason. I'm good at finding ways not to write (I wanted to update my fics before Civil War but so far, that's not happening, I'm trying to make some money for my trip to see the movie and there's been a general "get in shape" initiative going on too, by the time I'm ready to write I'm tired).

I was a fan of the 2010s sequel series too (although I was unable to finish the last couple of seasons), which makes viewing the 90s ones...interesting. Like when Kelly turned down going to Paris with Donna so she could stay home all summer with Baby Erin? She should've gone to Paris, because she's going to end up raising that kid herself when her mom experiences a reversal of character development later, Kelly is destined to be trapped in that family caretaker role, but most people only get to go to Paris once. Maybe she's not bothered by that though, she's always been in the Mom role.

Most of the fics on Ao3 are Dylan/Brandon slash. Heavy sigh. Look, I mean, I get it. Two guys who were legendarily hot in their prime, playing best friends who stare soulfully at each other on the beach as a saxophone softly croons in the background and in the early seasons, Dylan was dating Brandon's twin sister. And it's not like they had a lot of other options for queer characters, no one in the main cast and no one who recurred for more than one episode (at that time, acknowledging the possibility at all was shocking for a teen show, this, and the way they were honest about the fact that teenagers have casual sex, drink, and sometimes do drugs and the world doesn't end because of it is what got them labeled shockingly racy despite coming off as almost wholesomely quaint by 21st century viewer standards). And I wish there was a solid femslash pairing but I'm not seeing it except for the occasional taken-out-of-context moment. The other actresses deserve awards for their heroic efforts to convince us they could stand Brenda (someone tried to mean girl Jennie Garth on another project and she said "you can't scare me, I worked with Shannen Doherty").

It's just so predictable. Yet another fandom boils everything down to shipping, which I get this time because shipping *was* such a big part of it, and I realize it wasn't always the deepest show on tv but...really? That's literally the only thing you can think of to write about?
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i could do so many cool things with this scent. In theory. I'll try some stuff out on myself first.


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